Experimenting with LCD modules and PIC microcontrollers

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I recently got a PIC16LF84A (free sample from Microchip) and a few LCD modules at a cheap price from eBay. With some interests and time at hand, I have successfully made these LCD modules work and display some test patterns, just for fun :)

16×2 Character LCD

This LCD is using the standard HD44780 controller so sample source code can be found everywhere on the Internet. I got it to work within 15 minutes:

20×4 Character LCD

This LCD is also using the standard HD44780 controller, but there is more display area, 20 columns and 4 lines. I also got it to work:

Download the source code to test the 16×2 and 20×4 character LCD here.

122×32 Monochrome Graphics LCD

This LCD is using the JHD12232D controller. I purchased it from sure-electronics, an eBay reseller:

Despite being a graphical LCD, its uses are pretty limited due to the small vertical resolution. The 32-pixel vertical resolution is divided into 2 blocks of 16 pixels each, having a space in between. This make it almost impractical to display any bitmaps or graphics on this LCD. The only graphical use for this LCD would be to display Chinese text, as demonstrated in the above picture.

Using the datasheet and sample source code available from the seller website, I am able to make this LCD display some test patterns:

Download the datasheet and source code here

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