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If you want to watch live TV for free on your computer or your phone, I’d recommend the following freewares:

1. TVUPlayer. This software runs on both Windows and Mac. A lot of channels in a wide variety of languages and topics are available.

2. theChanner. This software runs on Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC or higher and has similiar functionality as TVUPlayer. It can support both Wifi and 3G connections. Viceo quality is quite smooth on my old Dopod 838 Pro with a 400MHz processor.

This does not work well with a VGA (or higher resolution) device, since there is no way to resize the video to fit the screen.

3. WebTV 3.71

This works resonably well on my 480×800 device. To modify the list of players, edit the settings file in the application directory.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes


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