Running a Server on Windows Mobile

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For HTML & ASP via IIS:

  1. Install httpd web server component. This is not necessary on PocketPC2003 Emulator as a web server supporting ASP (VBScript & Javascript) is already built-in.

This is a web server supporting HTML and ASP written in JavaScript (but not VBScript!)
In WM2003, Microsoft used to provide a tool called SQL Dashboard which contains a mini HTTP&SQL server for PocketPC. This is no longer supported nor downloadable from Microsoft Website.

  1. For support for ASP written in VBScript, install the Vbscript component downloaded from

  1. Reboot the device, start the server via HTTPD, create a simple ASP page and test.

For classic ASP via 3rd party component:

  1. Install PocketASP downloadable from
  2. Webpage will be accessible via a new protocol pasp://ModeZero/

For PHP:

  1. Install PocketHPH (“HPH”, no mispelling!), D:SoftwareMobileWMAdvancedPocketHPH.CAB, downloadable from

Other Servers

  1. Mocha FTP server (not available for Smartphone).


Web server on windows mobile

4.00 avg. rating (84% score) - 1 vote


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