Bluetooth Headset on Windows XP

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Bluetooth headset is supported in Windows Mobile, Windows XP SP1, but not Windows XP SP2.

To enable bluetooth headset on Windows XP sp2,follow the following step:

  1. XP SP2 uses Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. To fix the problem, upgrade to Broadcomm Bluetooth Stack
  2. Right click Bluetooth icon, Quick Connect and choose Headset
  3. Bluetooth headset must be set to Discoverable mode, typically by pressing & holding the power until the indicator changes to red. Default passcode is 0000.

On some computers, the audio quality when played over the headset is too low,probably due to limited bluetooth bandwidth, either or handset or on device, or due to problems with the bluetooth driver .

Interestingly, if you have a Broadcomm Bluetooth device and don’t want to use the Broadcomm bluetooth stack,you can force XP to use Microsoft Bluetooth Stack on your Broadcomm hardware. To do this, first retrieve the hardware ID of the bluetooth dongle from Device Manager. After that, edit c:windowsinfbth.inf and create a section new section pointing to this hardware ID.

One irritating thing when using Broadcomm bluetooth stack is that you will see the “CAPS LOCK” notification at the right corner of screen whenever you press the CAPS LOCK key. To disable the notification, change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/WidcommBT/BTConfig/General/[KeyIndicate] to 0 and reboot.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes


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